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Bar + Restaurants 


1. Chez Casimir: 

Awesome restaurant in local parisian area for a good price. Make sure to get the cheese at the end they bring out the most amazing platter of cheese and you can choose and have as much as you’d like :).  There is a great bar right next door as well. We were told brunch here is fabulous but we went for dinner which was one of our favorites in Paris. Get a reservation. It is in a really nice little square to hang out. The bar next door has local beers, nice ciders and amazing snacks. You can have a nice time around the plaza - quiet local parisian.


2. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous we would recommend a bit of a walk to a few bars then end at a nice restaurant on the canal. You walk through really cool parts of Paris so even the walk is enjoyable in addition to the bars/restaurant. 


Start at the bar Chez Ammand then make your way south by hitting each of the ones below. End at a nice local restaurant called La Patache.  

- Chez Ammad 

18 rue Veron, 18th

Tiny bar but one of the last real bars of Paris (what we are told!), straight out of the beginning of the 19th century, where you could probably see Edith Piaf hang out back then.


- Hotel du Nord

Also a very old place in Paris, I really like it and the food is not bad at all. Very little has changed since this classic:


- Le Comptoir General

80 quai de Jemmapes, 10th

A little tucked away from main street so a bit harder to find but such a COOL place. Awesome bar and atmosphere. Very laid back and cool atmosphere. 


- La Patache

across the canal, 60 rue de Lancry, 10th

Good for drinks, small platters, and restaurant. Great atmosphere and fun to be next to canal. 


3. If you want a splurge night (a bit fancy) Il Vino is a fantastic restaurant where the menu is just wines.  You choose the wine you would like to have and the chef will choose the food per your choices on wine. Really cool concept. They were very accommodating with the fact that I was a pescatarian :).  Best service I have experienced as well as top notch food. It is close to Eiffel Tower if you wanted to walk there before or after. 



Louve - we would say you need at least 2 days to see it all

Musee d’Orsay - wonderful art and more manageable than Louve. 

Pompidu - cool area and has good modern art 



Luxembourg Gardens


ALSO - have La Chouffe Beer (beer with gnome on label) - really good! 



Paris Recommendations

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